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Welcome To The Buffalo Trace Distillery Arboretum and Albert B. Blanton Botanical Gardens and Bird Sanctuary
The gardens at Buffalo Trace Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, center around Stony Point, the former residence of Albert B. Blanton, which was built in 1933. The original gardens installed by Colonel Blanton were not maintained for many years as ownership of the Distillery changed hands, but this changed when the current ownership made it a priority to bring the gardens back to life. In 2010 The Albert B Blanton Botanical Gardens and Bird Sanctuary was dedicated as the first phase of the rebuild project was completed. Today several more phases have been completed and the gardens continue to grow and flourish.
Recently Buffalo Trace obtained a level 2 arboretum accreditation and the 450 plus acres of distillery grounds hosts many varieties of trees and shrubs. Both self-guided and pre-registered guided tours of our award-winning distillery’s grounds are available at no charge to the public. For more information on tours visit our main website.

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